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Spector NS-5XL Drew - Woodstock Custom Collection V2

Spector NS-5XL Drew - Woodstock Custom Collection V2

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The Spector Woodstock Custom Collection - Volume II - Drew

This bass is one of 12 remarkable, one-of-a-kind basses each designed by a Spector team member!

The Spector Woodstock Custom Collection Volume II is all about experimenting as creatives, trying new things, and pushing the boundaries of what a Spector bass can be. Every one of the 12 basses is what happens when the skilled people who work on our instruments every day get to create their own take on Spector’s iconic design. The results are works of art, inspiring musical tools, and a demonstration of our Custom Shop's unmatched craftsmanship.

These one-of-a-kind instruments also represent the unique stories and styles of the individuals who make up our talented Spector team. That’s why we are so thrilled to share them— and the people they represent—with you. Far from a simple artistic exercise, these basses will inspire our customers and ourselves far into the future.

"Walnut is absolutely my favorite wood both in the looks department and to work with. I chose these specs to have a beautiful sound and elegant aesthetic. The added black veneer on both the body and headstock makes for a crisp and clean look." - Drew

Drew's NS-5XL Specifications:

  • 5-String Bass
  • Scale: 35"
  • 2-Piece Body Construction w/ Black Center Veneer
  • Top: Curly Walnut
  • Back: Black Walnut
  • Neck: 3-Piece Roasted Maple
  • Fretless Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Fretless Lines: Maple
  • Side Dots: White
  • Headstock: Curly Walnut w/ Black Contrast Veneer
  • Finish: Natural Satin
  • Pickups: EMG 40DCX
  • Preamp: Spector HAZ 18v 3-Band
  • Controls: Volume, Blend, Mids, Bass / Treble Stack
  • Bridge: Brass w/ Brass Saddles
  • Tuning Machines: Spector Branded Gotoh
  • Dunlop Dual Design StrapLok System
  • Black Hardware
  • Spector Tolex Case
  • Weight: 10.34 Pounds is a full line Spector dealer! We will work with you to get you the Spector of your dreams!  We can use this bass as inspiration for a 4-String or 5-String even! Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask us any questions!
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