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Genzler Amplification

Genzler KINETX 800 - Class A Tube Preamp w/ Class D 800watt Power

Genzler KINETX 800 - Class A Tube Preamp w/ Class D 800watt Power

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The KINETIX™ 800 represents the latest revolution in lightweight, high-output, versatile bass amplification from GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION.  With our years of research, design, and manufacturing expertise, we developed this model utilizing stringent design parameters for form, function, fit and finish.  This latest design blends the warmth and harmonic content of a CLASS A, all tube preamp design, offering three 12AX7 tubes running at a full 300 volt plate voltage and a high output, Class D, 800 watt power module, delivering a professional high-powered, tour-class bass guitar amplifier weighing just over 7 lbs!

Just as the name implies, the KINETIX™ 800 was designed to be that responsive, kinetic connection of interactive energy between the player’s expressiveness, their technique, and the tonal response coming back to them from this amplifier and speaker system – engaging with quickness and snap when pushed, or slow harmonic bloom when sustained.

Think of the KINETIX™ 800 bass amplifier as an extension of your tone . . . in musical motion!

Genzler KINETIX Specifications: 

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