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DR Dragon Skin+ Quantum Nickel Electric Bass Strings Long Scale Set - 4-String 40-100 DBQ-40

DR Dragon Skin+ Quantum Nickel Electric Bass Strings Long Scale Set - 4-String 40-100 DBQ-40

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DRAGON SKIN+™ - Coated Quantum Nickel Bass Strings – DBQ-40 – Superior Sound with Comfortable Feel & Long Life: Light 40-100

.040 .060 .080 .100

Dragon Skin+ strings sound huge, are easy to play, and have outstanding endurance. Packed with patented technology, Dragon Skin+ upgrades both the core and the wrap wires to be exceptionally musical, balanced, and loud.  Accurate Core Technology™ creates grooves on the core to cradle the wrap wire into place, allowing the strings to ring out to their full, blissful potential.  A micro-thin coating on the wrap wire provides long life while feeling like an uncoated string.  Designed to feel and sound better, Dragon Skin+ strings are unlike anything you’ve ever played.  The difference is real. 


  • Superior tone, feel and tuning stability from Accurate Core Technology™ 
  • Great resonance and extra-long life from micro-thin coating on wrap wire
  • Quantum Nickel for rich tone and high output
  • Warrantied against manufacturing defects
  • Round Core
  • Quantum Nickel Wrap Wire
  • Round Core Wire with Accurate Core Technology on a Ball End with a Clear Coated Quantum Nickel Wrap Wire
  • 37.75" Winding Length Ball End to Taper

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    Customer Reviews

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    Mark W.
    FretNation does things right!

    Quick, easy order, fast, free shipping. And I know they will remember my order even if I can’t. So if I want to reorder, it’ll be easy.

    Best place for strings, all things Dingwall, singles, and odd requests like mixed length sets of TI jazz flat for a longscale Dingwall.

    As far as the Dragon Skin Quantum nickels, I’m still on the fence. First time I’ve tried a coated string. Usually I go with nickel, and nickel alloys, because stainless strings chew my fingers and feel raspy and sticky. I like the smooth of nickel.
    The Dragon Skins feel like they are in between stainless and nickel. A little rougher feeling than I expected. I’m not sure if we are going to get along. I’ll give it a few weeks to break in and get some grease and sweat and funk on the strings.

    Tension wise, they feel nice. A bit stiffer than I usually run, but nice.

    New, and just installed they are very bright. Good bottom, lots of high end, but I feel like they are missing the solid mids I like from the Pure Blues. Kind of scooped sounding. Definitely has me adjusting my eq.

    I’ll give them a month or two and see where they go.