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Dingwall Limited Edition 35th Anniversary Drive Pedal

Dingwall Limited Edition 35th Anniversary Drive Pedal

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Dingwall 35th Anniversary Pedal - Drive

Designed in collaboration with Darkglass Electronics, our 35th Anniversary drive pedal goes full stealth with a black and gold colour scheme and a special 35th Anniversary logo box. Aside from the engage switch (which illuminates a very cool LED) and the usual in/out and DC power sockets, the pedal has three controls – level, drive and tone. As with all Darkglass pedals, you also get true bypass switching, a particularly hard-wearing footswitch and a super-bright LED.

While this is a stompbox capable of some impressive high gain sounds, it’s been designed to be equally effective at lower, more classic levels of drive and to be sensitive to bass playing dynamics. “We’ve blended old-school vibes, appealing visuals and some modern production techniques to create a pedal that has much more versatility than you might have assumed,” said Sheldon Dingwall. “It’s really been designed to capture the dynamic interaction between you and your bass. There’s plenty of dynamic range before the crunch really sets in.”

The result is a wide range of tonal possibilities from subtly distorted blues tones through to classic rock and metal. This is the perfect stompbox for Dingwall aficionados looking for something with plenty of future collectable prestige.

Dingwall 35th Anniversary Drive Pedal Features:


Tone: Controls the High-Frequency content of the sound.  A variable low pass filter from 3kHz (ccw) to 8kHz (cw)

Level: Sets the volume of the overdriven signal

Drive: Sets the amount of saturation in the overdriven signal

  • 75mm x 111mm x 43mm
  • 3" x 4.25" x 1.75"
  • Weight: 235g / 0.5lbs

Technical Specifications: 

Input Impedance: 1MO
Max Input Level: 1.5V RMS (4.2 Vpp)
Output Impedance: 1kO
Current Consumption: ~17mA
Voltage: 9V DC (center negative)


The Dingwall 35th Anniversary Custom Design pedal has a current draw of ~17mA. Only use a regulated 9V DC adapter with a center-negative plug. Unregulated power supplies and/or higher voltages may result in suboptimal noise performance and even damage your unit, voiding the warranty.


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