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Aguilar Amplification

Aguilar 6-Foot Speaker Cable - SpeakOn - AGSPK6

Aguilar 6-Foot Speaker Cable - SpeakOn - AGSPK6

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Agular 6' Speaker Cable - SpeakOn

Part Number: AGSPK6

Discover sonic brilliance with Aguilar’s Instrument & Speaker Cables, expertly crafted for the working musician. Designed by and for bassists, they combine excellent sonics, premium build quality, and custom plugs and Neutrik jacks for great reliability. Quality, durability, and pristine sound.

Craftsmanship that’s built to last: Aguilar cables boast custom plugs and jacks, ensuring top-tier performance every time. Aguilar's heavy-duty construction is complemented by optimal shielding, promising longevity, and a cable that balances flexibility while holding its shape.

True Sonic Excellence: While many “bass” cables promote a big-low end character, Aguilar cables promise a neutral, pristine signal pathway, making sure your bass tone is varied with precision and clarity. Tech Specs and Features: OFC Conductors, custom wire gauges for wide tonal balance Conductive PE shielding for low microphonics Additional spiral shield for 100% shield coverage


  • Heavy Gauge Conductor (18AQG)
  • Unique wire gauges for balanced mids and highs 
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